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Chester Zoo

Despite the dodgy weather conditions and rather large enclosures I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take some shots when we visited Chester Zoo recently.

We started out wandering through a quite frankly enormous, free flying bird house. There were such a variety of birds that were all stunning and I couldn't possibly list them all. Personal favourites were the Blue Crowned Pigeon (largest pigeon in the world and much prettier than the average wood pigeon) and the Java Sparrows.

We also spotted the Poison Dart Frogs and Parson's Chameleon as seen below!

Chimps are amazing! Beautiful, intelligent creatures that have a very complex hierarchy in each troop. We were lucky to see the youngsters exploring their enclosure and being carried around by mother.

The Cheetahs made for quite an easy subject, patrolling their enclosure and occasionally coming very close to the viewing area. They're stunning big cats and despite not being the Jaguars I really wanted a photo of they made my day!

The Sun Bears were an unexpected surprise, climbing the various trees and posing for some rather adorable shots...although in the wild they're not so adorable. Very aggressive and often known to attack without provocation.

The Pygmy Marmoset was, as expected, tiny. Smaller than any picture can convey, these are the smallest monkeys in the world.

From the smallest monkey to the biggest. The Mandrill is a stunning monkey and the way the light revealed all the crevices on their face made this picture one of my favourites from the day.

Chester zoo is huge, there is no getting past it. We spent 6 hours there and still didn't see, or spend enough time seeing what we wanted to see. I may have to go back just to see the female black jaguar. It's well worth a visit!

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