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Feeding time at Woods Mill

I've been to Woods Mill on countless occasions, however I've very rarely seen activity at the bird hide and feeders...today this changed. We didn't know where to look, there was Tits galore, Robins, squirrels and best of all a little Nuthatch.

They were a bugger to photograph, flitting between the branches and rarely staying still for long. A couple of times attending the feeder but leaving again before I got the camera anywhere near. We were on the verge of giving up when it finally settled in the branches above the feeder for long enough to acquire focus and get a few shots off. Below is my favourite image. In it's signature pose, arching it's back as if ready for takeoff.

It certainly was the highlight of an otherwise quiet day. A blue tit gave me the only other opportunity at a decent photo, spending a bit of time in the tree tops as opposed to the feeders.

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