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Red-Footed Falcon, a rarity on my doorstep!

For those who follow the local birding blogs and sites, you'll have noticed a lot of interest in a certain Red-Footed Falcon. We normally get a couple dozen or so migrate to the UK annually, however this year we've had a particular influx of nearer 100. I was still in a very fortunate position to have one settle very nearby my dwelling.

It's not very often you get opportunities like this, so naturally i went out at 5.30 the following morning to confirm the sighting for myself, before returning in the evening with better light and boy did he put on a show.

Seemingly unbothered by the small crowd gathered to watch him, he went about the usual routine of hunting...feeding a plenty on grasshoppers. They have very much a similar habit to Kestrels, hovering above the field before diving on prey...however seems to maneuver much more like a Hobby with sharp, swift movements.

I took hundreds of photos and couldn't possibly include all of them in this post however I'm sure it's easy to see just how stunning this bird is from the few I have included.

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