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Shorties, at long last!

I set myself a little task for this winter: to see (and photograph) a Short Eared Owl. It took a lot (and I mean a lot) of time and patience. Over the course of a few weeks I visited a local reserve on a number of occasions and often came away disappointed, however as the year started to get into the swing of things...so did the birds of prey!

Short Eared Owl quartering the field

This shot comes from a series, as a pair of Shorties quartered the fields, slowly making their way towards me. I was very fortunate to get a couple of head on shots of such a beautiful creature!

In reality I was very lucky to get these photos, I was actually on the wrong side of the field when they first came out to feed. I made what was a rather quick run back to the car, before driving around to the correct side of the field and making a even further run to get in position. I was worried this twenty minute trip wouldn't be enough to get me an opportunity but as Del Boy would say..."He who dares wins". I almost didn't bother moving, but this saying kept running through my head and I actually made a rather quick decision by my standards. Having spent a good few hours at the site already I figured it was worth the effort...and boy was it!

So with my winter task being completed I'm going to take the opportunity to have a quiet week or so off...or that's what I like to think, in reality I'll be out this weekend in a field somewhere.

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