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The Elusive Kingfisher 25.08.19

If I've learnt anything from today, it's that a trip to Weirwood Reservoir never disappoints. With the weather being so good in the run up to the bank holiday weekend, I was determined to go...and boy was it worthwhile!

It may not be the greatest picture of all time but this, this is what I've been waiting for. The elusive Kingfisher.

We were debating leaving when, out of the corner of our eye, two flashes of blue. We tracked them across the reservoir and behind some tress in the distance and I was lucky enough to get a shot or two in focus. We were astounded by their speed, from right to left across the width of the reservoir they'd come and gone in less than a few seconds.

It was the highlight of an otherwise normal mornings photographing. With an abundance of Crested Grebes, Cormorants and Herons this is one of my absolute favourite spots. There is a rumour a female Mandarin duck has been spotted there so I'm hopeful a male will surface at some point.

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